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      T. K. hulin has become a Louisiana Legend and a major figure

in the music industry with a singing career that spans almost 60 years.

 His voice is unmistakable,his style his own and his soul is the real deal.

He hit the scene in his teens with his "60's regional hit, "Many Nights"

followed by the national hit ,"I'm Not a Fool Anymore and then his

signature song "Graduation Night".

        Nicknamed T.K. by his uncle, and then "the King" by his friends,

T.K. and his music have for many years been larger than life.When the

music starts, this louisiana legend is off and running ,taking

everyone along for the ride !


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T. K. Hulin   

 The King     


 Tk's  Latest  Release " The Lonely Knights Band "
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Larger Than Life Cd





  1. Get Up, Get down

  2. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

  3. It's Not Unusual

  4. I'll Still Be Your Friend

  5. Hard To Be

  6. It Turns Me Inside Out

  7. Having a Party

  8. Don't Fight It

  9. Riding With The King

  10. I'm Gonna Find another You

  11. Hallejulah, I love Her So

  12. You Raise Me Up

  13. Bonus Song  "Unconditional with Tk & Jamie Hulin    




Past & Present Simply T.K.







  1. Graduation Night
  2. Alligator Bayou
  3. Zydeco Song
  4. Mr. pitiful
  5. I'm Ashamed Enough To Die
  6. Shake
  7. Love Look What you Done To Me
  8. I'm Not a Fool Anymore
  9. Mellow Moonlight
  10. Knock On Wood
  11. Can't Turn You Loose
  12. Harlem shuffle
  13. American Trilogy





                                            Louisiana Legend                                     

                               T. K. Hulin 

                         Past & Present Book                               

Includes Photos, Write-ups & Memories

      A must have Collector's Item !





Louisiana  Governor  

Bobby Jindal

     posses with T.K. and G.G.

T.K. & Son Jamie


Al Guidry



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